ePrescription USA

ePrescription is intended to bring safety and efficiency benefits to the prescribing process for patients and prescribers. Patients should benefit from the safety features of E-Prescription including the elimination of medication errors due to poor handwriting and automated drug safety checks provided by ePrescription software. E-Prescription - Physicians benefit from clinical decision support, integrated patient prescription insurance data and, especially, a dramatic decrease in calls from pharmacies requesting clarification of prescriptions.

The Benefits of E-Prescriptions are 1. Fast like your prescription arrives at your pharmacy before you leave your doctorís office. 2. Convenient like you donít have to make that extra trip to drop off your prescription at the pharmacy. 3.Legible like there is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret. 4. Economical eprescription makes it easier for your doctor to prescribe the most cost effective medication based on your insurance coverage.